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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 15:20
As a long-established bank, BIDV has funded many investment projects and key economic areas of the country. Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) has also built the largest enterprise customers, while confirming the implementation of prestigous items, objectives, economic programs and social security of the country.

-  Full name: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.

-  International Transaction Name: International Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.

-  Abbreviated name: BIDV

-  Address: BIDV Tower, 35 Hang Voi Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City.

-  Tel: 04.2220.5544

-  Fax: 04. 2220.0399

-  Website: www.bidv.com.vn.

-  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Founded on 04/26/1957, BIDV is the oldest Commercial Bankin Vietnam.

* Fields of operation

- Bank: BIDV functions as a leading experienced bank of finance services, brokerage, loan syndication and advisory,modern, convenient banking products.

- Insurance: BIDV provides products for non-life insurance designed to match the overall package to customers of BIDV.

- Stock: BIDV provides a wide range of brokerage services, investment and investment consultant with the ability of quickly developing a system of agents to receive orders nationwide.

- Financial investments: BIDV includes financial leasing, security trading and capital contribution with the aim at establishing investment companies to the project; Especially, it plays a leading role in coordinating key projects of the country such as company Aviation stock leasing (VALC) development company highway (BEDC), Investment, Long Thanh International Airport …

* Human Resources

- With more than 16,000 officers, employees and financial consultants who are well-qualified and well-trained with full experience and have been accumulated and transferred for over half of a century, BIDV always brings its customers the benefits and reliability.

* Network

- Banking Network: BIDV has 114 branches and 500 transaction offices, thousands of ATMs and POS transactions in 63 provinces and cities nationwide

- Non-banking Networks: consists of Investment Securities Company (BSC), Insurance and Investment Company (BIC) and Leasing Company I & II with more than 20 branches nationwide.

- Overseas representatives: It trades on all three sectors: Banking, Insurance and Financial Investment in Laos, Russia and especially in the Cambodian market (Investment and Development Company of Cambodia – IDCC, Investment Banking and Development of Cambodia – Cambodian BIDC, Insurance Company – CVI.

-  Joint venture Bank: co-operates more effectively with international partners such as Bank VID-Public Venture (partner Malaysia), Bank of the Lao-Vietnamese joint venture (with partner Laos), Vietnam Russia Joint Venture Bank – VRB (with partners Russian), BIDV Tower Joint Venture Company (Singapore partner), venture investment management BIDV – Vietnam Partners (U.S. partner), etc.

* Customers

BIDV trades with:

- Enterprises: corporations, big corporations, small and medium enterprises

- Financial institutions: BIDV is the reliable choice for a number of Financial institutions such as unilateral and multilateral World Bank, ADB, JBIC, NIB …

- Individuals: Millions of individuals have used the services of BIDV. It has continuously tried to reach the goal of becoming a retail bank of high standards.

* Technology

- BIDV always has innovations and technology applications serving effectively for the management and development of advanced banking services, developing the most advanced information technology systems such as ATM, POS, Contact Center, to consolidate and develop all infrastructure systems such as monitoring of network resources, network-oriented services (SONA), access control workstation; enhance information processing service, banking executive management MIS; CRM.

- Since 2007, BIDV has occupied the leading position in the top list of Vietnam ICT Index (index available for application development and information technology) and in the typical Top 10 CIO (Information Technology Leadership) in the area of Indochina in 2009 and of ASIA in 2010.

* Commitment

- To customers: BIDV always provides all customers with high quality products and modern banking service and it is the last to be responsible for the given sevices.

- To other partners: BIDV is willing to “share the opportunity and co-operate successfully”.

- To working staff: BIDV follows the motto “each staff must be a competitive edge” in both professional skills and personal virtue. For this reason, BIDV has continually paid attention to ensuring legitimate rights, improving physical and spiritual life of its employees to make them feel comfortable and inspired to servein BIDV.

* Business reputation of BIDV

- BIDV is the choice, the trust for economic organizations, the leading enterprises of both countries and individuals in accessing the financial and banking services.

- BIDV has been known and recognized as one of the largest banking brand in Vietnam and certified as a trademark in the U.S. and also rewarded annually from organizations, financial institutions at home country and abroad.

- BIDV is always the pride of generations of staff and financial and banking sector in 53 years with traditional professional development investment for the country.

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